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Mannheim, 29 July 2013

Cogeneration in Malaysia

In an interview in trade magazine “Power Insider Asia”, Dr. Ruprecht Lattermann, CEO of MWM Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, speaks out on Malaysia’s huge potential for power generation when it comes to the gas industry. Blessed with a wealth of natural gas resources and a healthy plant oil industry, Malaysia offers significant potential for cogeneration, according to Lattermann.

Following the takeover by Caterpillar, MWM is entrenched in the Malaysian gas-fired power generation industry. MWM’s strategy, by and large remains unchanged in the near-term, as Caterpillar has embarked on a dual-brand strategy, enabling MWM to continue selling branded products under its own label. MWM’s market success in Malaysia is founded on the excellent technical expertise of its local dealership as well.

Commenting on MWM’s business objectives in the Malaysian market, Lattermann said, “Our near to medium term focus is the growth of biogas power plants, which are strongly supported by government initiatives such as the preferential feed-in tariff. MWM has products perfectly suited for these market segments. MWM’s medium to long-term focus is on the increased acceptance and viability of distributed cogeneration power plants fuelled by natural gas”.

Dr. Ruprecht Lattermann, CEO MWM Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Dr. Ruprecht Lattermann, CEO MWM Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Please read the complete interview with Dr. Ruprecht Lattermann, published in the May/June 2013 edition of trade magazine “Power Insider Asia”:

Pioneering Gas Technology in Malaysia (PDF 700 KB).