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Mannheim | 08.10.2020

Greenhouse Power: The All-Round Talent MWM TCG 3020 Gas Engine Supplies High-Yield Greenhouse Facilities in Belgium with Energy and Fertilizer

MWM Benelux B.V. has installed a second MWM gas engine for the Belgian tomato producer Krikato. Together, the two gas engines generate 3.5 MW of electrical energy and 4.2 MW of thermal energy that is used for the greenhouse operation. Additionally, the gas engines supply carbon dioxide for use as plant fertilizer.

Mannheim | 29.09.2020

For MWM Distributors and Service Partners: Digital Production of Customized Product Catalogs via MWM Online Service Portal

With the new MWM Service Portal, MWM takes the next step on the path to digitization in the fields of service, marketing, and sales of innovative energy solutions. Smart production processes enable MWM partners to create individualized product catalogs with services for their customers on the basis of standardized print templates. The flyers can be designed and produced both for web and for print purposes.


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